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About ME

About Me

Rita Fernandes, Coalition Servant Leader

My name is Rita Fernandes. I am originally from Cabo Verde, West Africa. I am a devoted mother to nine beautiful children. I advocate for birth equity, equality, and justice for women of color. I am deeply committed to ensuring every woman has accessible, safe, and equitable healthcare. I have always been passionate about serving my community and being an advocate. 


With a background in maternal health, labor & delivery, and pediatric care, I bring much knowledge and experience. In 2004, I facilitated a breastfeeding support group at Cambridge Hospital. 2006, I became a certified doula from the Boston Medical Program through the Birth Sista Program. In 2013, I joined Vital Village, the birth equity coalition of Greater Boston. I am enrolled in Urban College’s Community Leadership and  Advocacy Certificate Program, a collaboration with Vital Village Networks, to serve women in my community better. Having witnessed disparities and injustices firsthand with myself, my family, and my community within the maternal healthcare system, I, Rita Fernandes, made it my mission to become an agent of change. I am dedicated to empowering women and their birthing experiences, nurturing and supporting families, and providing support and resources for well-being during childbirth. 


Rita Fernandes

 Peace & Blessing

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